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Welcome to DJ

Hi and welcome on my site. Here you'll find the mixes I've made with Traktor Scratch Pro, Mixmeister and my two CDJ's 1000 MK III.

12/11/15 Yo, Check out DJ Swa presents the Swaliban Yearmix 2015 !!!! Have fun listening to it and feedback is always welcome !! Listen to it or get it here ------> MIXCLOUD

19/9/15 Hi All ! Keep track of my latetst Livesets and Megamixes on my Facebook or listen to my sets on Mixcloud. Unfortunately I had some issues with my previous Soundcloud account so that has been transferred to this Soundcloud account. All the new updates will appear on Mix and Sound Cloud and I will past a download link in the comments.

I'm in the process of rebuilding my current website but unfortunately I have not enough time but I will have it updated once my Yearmix 2015 is ready :-) So check it out regularly and get ready for DJ Swa presents the Swaliban Yearmix 2015 !!!!cheers Swa

19/4/14 Yeah happy to say that a lot of links are back and working again. At the moment the whole Yearmixes section is working again. You can download there all my Yearmixes since 2002 (including tracklists). For the covers of those Yearmixes please head to the Covers section and get them there.

The other section that I've been working on is my Archive. For now almost every Rap and Rock Mix that I made since 2007 is online only Rap and Rock mix part 2 is missing. Unfortunately I can't find it in my own archive so I have to look further on some old harddisks. Besides the Rap and Rock series also the Back to the Roots mixes are online with only 80s bangers :-) !

The last section I reworked is the Radio Mixes section. As you might know I made a long list of mixes for Radio Veronica called the Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix. I missing only 4 mixes from the 20 I made. The last one, number 20, is not broadcasted yet but will be next week. I didn't attach the tracklists, I will do that later If I have more time.

The next project is the Liveset section with all my Relax Mixes. This is going to be a lot of work especially uploading. So enough for now ! Enjoy listening to my work, cheers Swa.

18/4/14 Wow, That is sometime ago that I updated my website ... I have been on the road so much that the only thing I update is my Facebook page and my Soundcloud with my newests sets.

Off course I have to update everything, Liveset, Radiomixes and Megamixes but I promise I will get this done this month. I will replace the non working links and do some face-lifting.

So keep visiting regularly and download what you miss :-) Have fun listening to my mixes and sets !! cheers Swa

30/11/13 Hi All !! Thanks for all the nice comments I received regarding my Swaliban Yearmix 2013. I'm glad you all like it :-) Due to my busy schedule I forgot to contact my cover maker but luckily he contacted me ! The front cover is finished and you can find it on the Yearmix 2013 page on the left. So check it out ! all cover credits to RvR productions.

04/11/13 YEARMIX 2013 ONLINE !! Check it out at the Yearmix 2013 section !!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEARMIX 2013 - JAARMIX 2013 !!!!

01/11/13 Check out the YEARMIX 2013 section ! Online now my tracklist :-) Mix will follow tomorrow !! so check it out

YEARMIX 2013 - JAARMIX 2013 !!!!

19/10/13 And again ..... I'm getting website update lazy due to all the social media ... So blame facebook :-) I have kept all my sites up to date but I forgot my main site again !

Honestly peepz, I was just to freakin' busy to keep up with anything at the moment. I have been travelling almsot non stop for about 3 months and when I had time I updated my soundcloud and Facebook page with my newest livesets. Next week I will update everything on my site here so that I keep the archive alive and ... of course it's almost that time of year again !!! Yearmix time !!!!!!! or Jaarmix as we call it in Holland :-) As every year there will be the Swaliban Yearmix 2013 !! When ?? Well very soon ;-) SO check out the Yearmix 2013 section often for somekind of update.

YEARMIX 2013 - JAARMIX 2013 !!!!

13/06/13 Yo peepz, Djeez I don't know what happend to my website updates but it seems that they were not uploaded at all !! I myself saw them so it's a bit weird. It probably happend after I renewed my dot com site .... strange but anyway. I have updated all my sets in the Liveset section, so all the sets until June are now there. So check out what you have missed :-)

Some new stuff coming soon !! So keep an eye on my site !!! Cheers Swa

09/02/13 Hi all !! First of all I wanted to let you know that I'm again updating all my links since my hoster is down. I'm gonna put them on a new one ( and will put my whole archive back online. For my newest mixes I will still use my Soundcloud account. So enough about this :-)

I forgot in all the excitement to update my site last month and off course there was a new Relax Mix. So for the peepz who haven't listen to it yet, the Relax Mix January 2013 is online in the Liveset section. Furthermore its the month of February already so check I have put up the Relax Mix February 2013 also !! So check it out and enjoy them !!!

Cheers Swa

07/01/13 Hi all !! First of all I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year and that all your wishes will come true. I this year of the Snake I have a lot of things on my plate. In Januari or February a mix I made will be officially released so that was already good news :-) Probably two new radioshows that are going to broadcast my Relax Mixes and last but not least more Rap and Rock mixes. To start it of get my newest Rap, Rock and Pop mix Volume 7 in the Megamixes section. I started this megamix on 75 BPM and I worked it up to 110 BPM. This was a special request from the Pole dancing fans who would like to use this during workout :-)

Anyway enough talking already checkout the Megamixes section and get my newest Rap, Rock and Pop mix !

31/12/12 Yo all, The last post of this year :-))) I was browsing because I got a message that a link to my Yearmix 2012 was down so then I found out that I forgot to update/upload my latest livesets November and December 2012 !! So check out the Liveset section to get them !!

I fixed the Yearmix 2012 link check it out at the Yearmix 2012 section or the Jaarmix 2012 website. Check the Jaarmix/Yearmix 2012 website for more websites. You can also find my Yearmix 2012 on YOUTUBE check it out here so have fun listening !!

And for now I wish everybody a fantastic 2013 !!!

08/11/12 Hi peepz, I just added a new mirror for my Yearmix 2012 !! So check the Yearmix 2012 section. Thanks DJ D-re (his dolfijn yearmix 2012 coming soon) for providing this extra link !! So now you have three place to download my Yearmix 2012, so when it's down somewhere check the other link ;-) Have fun listening :-)

08/11/12 To All. All links for my Yearmix 2012 are back online !! So download it from the Mixfreaks Server or from my SOUNDCLOUD page. Check the Yearmix 2012 section for the CD covers and the tracklist !! Have fun listening :-)

Cheers, Swa

06/11/12 To All. Update: Covers for my Yearmix 2012 ONLINE check them out in the Yearmix 2012 section. As every year made by RvR productions ! (thanks for that mate).

Furthermore there are some troubles with the download link for my Yearmix 2012 !! I heard it's going to be fixed on Wednesday. Although fixed on wednesday hereby an alternative download link. Just check my SOUNDCLOUD link and you can listen to it or download it !!

cheers, Swa

25/10/12 To All. YEAH it's online !! The Swaliban Yearmix 2012 mixed by DJ Swa :-) I had this Yearmix already finished but I waited on the most special moment in my life, the birth of my son Vincent ! I'm dedicating this mix to him ! So friends, visitors, fans, music fans and mix lovers ... enjoy my Yearmix 2012 and I hope you play it a lot !!!

Hi all, tracklist from DJ Swa presents the Swaliban Yearmix 2012 ONLINE :-) check it out at the Yearmix 2012 section or the Jaarmix 2012 website

!25/10/12 Hi all, tracklist from DJ Swa presents the Swaliban Yearmix 2012 ONLINE :-) check it out at the Yearmix 2012 section or the Jaarmix 2012 website !

16/10/12 Hi all, most of my mixes or online again. All the yearmixes from the past 10 years you can find at the Yearmixes section. Furthermore keep on eye on my Yearmix 2012 page !! Coming soon DJ Swa presents the Swaliban Yearmix 2012 :-)

You can find news about my Yearmix 2012 on my facebook fan page, my soundcloud page and on the Jaarmix page !! Which site will have it first ;-)

Just check back regularly, cheers Swa

09/10/12 Yo peepz, just got aware that the server where I store most of my sets and mixes is down. It will be up and running in a couple of days ! Until this time please get the mixes at my soundcloud page

I will announce when the 'old' mixes will be online again. So if you look for the latest Relax Mixes or the Swaliban Yearmix 2011 look at my soundcloud page.

Ow I almost forgot to mention that my Swaliban Yearmix 2012 is also finished :-) I will announce the tracklist and the download soon so keep checking my website and my Facebook page.

28/09/12 Hi Folks, Djeeezzz I forgot to update my website with the newest Relax Mix from September !! I posted it on my Facebook page but I totally forgot to update this place .... probably too much travelling :-) Anyway check the Live sets section for my newest set, which include the latest bangaz !!

This is also the moment that I announce my Swaliban Yearmix 2012 !! I announced it on Twitter about 3 weeks ago when I started mixing the first tracks. The Yearmix 2012 page is open so check it regularly for updates

Enough for now :-) Check out my set and enjoy it !!

Cheers, Swa

11/08/12 Yo all, A small surprise for you all ;-) I finished this mix already a month ago or so and I wanted to make it a full 80 minutes. Unfortunately I lost the files and most of the tracks that I prepared because I cleaned my computer a little too thorough. Anyway It's a nice megamix with mostly 90s music (i think two tracks from the 00s) ... So I called it Back to the 90s. Definately a megamix with tracks you wouldn't expect in a mix :-)

So head down to the Megamixes section and get my newest mix :-) !!! Cheers and have fun listening, cheers Swa

06/08/12 Hi peepz !!! A fresh new month has to start with my newest Relax Mix :-)) Many of you all are enjoying the Olympics at the moment, well listen to this set when your country is getting another gold, silver or bronze medal !! Definately party music that keep your feet going on the floors :-)

So enjoy my newest liveset !!! Cheers Swa

02/07/12 Yes !!! a banging new month !! Big trips coming up which will take me all over the globe again ! Starting in Krakow, Dusseldorf, Chicago, Kansas City, Toronto, Frankfurt, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Valencia, Alicante and Blanes, so I hope I have time to catch an august set :-))) Anyway enough talking, check out the liveset section and download my newest Relax Mix July 2012 !!! Many bootleg and mashups again in this set for sure this will make you super excited for the upcoming Beach Festivals !! :-) Lets party ............

cheers, Swa

27/05/12 Yo All !! A banging liveset just before the month of June is starting :-) Mashups, Remixes and Bootlegs are also in this set. Tracks from Avicii, Marco V, Armin van Buuren and many more, so check out my newest set DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix June 2012 !! I think this set will get you excited for all the Festivals and off course the European Championships in Poland and Ukraine !!! So play it loud :-)

cheers, Swa

01/05/12 Hi peepz !!! A good start of the new month with my newest Relax Mix :-)) Many of you Dutchies are recovering from Queensday so listen to this set and start partying again !!!

This months some excellent Mashups, Remixes and Bootlegs. Tracks from Avicii, Don Diablo, Qulinez, Mord Fustang, Chuckie and many more, so check it out and download DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix May 2012 !!!!

Just go to the Live set section and download :-). Have fun listening to this banging set !!!

Cheers Swa

06/04/12 Yes !!! New month ..... new Relax Mix !!! I just finished this set two days ago but had no time to put it online ... too busy travelling :-) Coming period will be hectic, many travels but I hope to have time to post some new stuff very very soon !!

Enough talk now :-) Just go to the Live set section and download DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix April 2012. Have fun listening to this banging set !!!

Cheers Swa

04/02/12 Hi All, A new Relax Mix is ready for you all !! DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix February 2012 is ready and you can get it through the liveset section. Some killer tunez and excellent mashups in this set. The Mashups reminded me that I have to update my Mashup section :-) forgot about that for the past 5 months or so....

Anyway, at the moment I'm changing my webhost so at the moment I'm online at Probably next week my com is back online.

So enjoy my new set and leave some feedback if you like it !! cheers Swa

05/01/12 Happy New Year !! Hey I hope you all had perfect NYE and that all your wishes for 2012 will come true :-))

A new year, A new month so it is that time again, DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix January 2012 !! Brandnew 2012 beats which are rocking the clubs at the moment. Like the December edition this one is not so relaxed ;-) Big bangers, basslines and editz in this edition too !!! So go to the Live set section and get your copy of my Relax Mix January 2012 !!

Cheers, Swa

22/12/11 Hi All, A small Christmas gift to all you music lovers out there !!! Check out the Megamixes section on the left .... DJ Swa presents the Rap Rock and Pop Mix is online !!! I got a massive amount of response on my Swaliban Yearmix 2011 especially from al you USA peepz. I guess airplay works :-)) anyway there were a lot of requests for a new Rap and Rock Mix. I haven't had much time in the middle of the year so I decided to finish it in December. Although this is normally Yearmix months mine was finished two months ago :-) so I had some time.

In this Rap Rock and Pop Mix 2011 edition many fresh beats and some old bangers !! NWA, Everlast, Rammstein, Faithless, Notorious BIG (to name a few), and many more !!! Starting at 83 BPM and finishing at 128 BPM with my favorite song of the moment. Flo Rida - Good feeling.

Big thanks to bro's in the USA who made some excellent intro's for me !!

Enough blah blah :-) now go to the Megamix section and download DJ Swa presents the Rap Rock and Pop Mix 2011 edition.

10/12/11 Hi All, Just before the holiday period starts a fresh new Relax Mix !!! This version is not so relaxed tho :-)) Hard pumping beats and basslines, editz and much more. Many new mashups in this edition so check out the Live Set section and download the Relax Mix December 2011 !!!!

Cheers, Swa

28/11/11 Yo Peepz, fresh update after the launch of my Yearmix 2011. I must say great succes !! I haven't had so much airplay before in this month. Thanks to several radio stations and internet radio stations in the USA downloads went to the roof :-)) Also thanks for all the feedback so far. I know that some of you out there thought that 108 tracks was a bit too much and it was hampering the flow but I so it goes in music land if you have request and want the airplay :-))

Anyway enough talking !! check out the Liveset section for my newest Relax Mix November 2011. This set was ready for two weeks already but I had no time to put it online due to my USA trip. Next week back to the USA where I will tape the December 2011 set.

This November set starts out very relaxed and soft at 122 bpm and it ends with some booming tracks :-) So Check it out!!

Cheers, Swa

01/11/11 Yes ..... on this special date, as promised now online DJ Swa presents the Swaliban Yearmix 2011 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go to the Yearmix 2011 section and get it while its hot :-)))

Covers are in the process of making so check back to get covers for my Yearmix 2011 !!!! If you like my Yearmix 2011, tweet your comments or leave me a message on Facebook or in my guestbook here.

Cheers, Swa

30/10/11 Hi, check out the live set section !!! DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix October 2011 now online !!!

28/10/11 Yo, back in the house :-))) Was extremely busy during this period and had no freaking time to update my website but ... now you gonna get two updates in the coming days !!!

My Yearmix 2011 is finished and will be online the first of November!! The tracklist is online so check it out at the Yearmix 2011 section.

I wasn't able to capture a liveset so the October version took a bit longer to make. Normally in the begining of the month now at the end :-) Some nice bangers, mashups and remakes in the set !! It will be online later today so check out the Liveset section.

Cheers, Swa

20/09/11 Yearmix 2011 time !!!! Check, try and mix the best hits of 2011. Check out the Yearmix 2011 section and check the two trailers of DJ Swa presents the Swaliban Yearmix 2011 !

More news coming soon !!! Let's move like Jagger :-))))

Cheers, Swa

21/08/11 Hey All, Very rocky period at the moment but I wanted to do a set because ..... It's that time of the month again :-) ..... Just finished my New Relax Mix September 2011 !!! Excellent floorfillers again in this set. Mashups, Bootlegs and much more. I also added some nice commercial bangers :-) So head to the live set section and download my new set !!!

Cheers, Swa

25/07/11 Yo, After my USA tour :-) online now my newest Relax Mix !!! Massive brandnew tunes for example Dirty South & Thomas Gold - Alive and Arty - Around the World !! Off course like always some cool mashups in this set !!! So get to the liveset section and download DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix August 2011 a monster set :-)))

cheers Swa

23/06/11 Hey Peepz !!, A big update since I have been busy mixing, mashing and playing :-)

First you should really check out DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix July 2011 you can download it in the Liveset section !! Or you can listen to it on soundcloud before downloading it. Some heavy tunes in this Relax Mix, some mashups (all done by me) and some easy listen tracks ;-) So check it out.

Once you've listened to it and you like the Mashups then go to the Mashup section, I've put 5 new Mashed online !!! Green Velvet, Jacob van Hage, Fedde Le Grand, Sak Noel (WTF), Paul Vinitsky and more needed a mashup :-) So check them out.

Last one I want to share with you all, is my latest Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix, you can find that mix in the Radio Mixes section. It was broadcasted last week by Radio Veronica.

So plenty to download and to listen to :-) !! have fun listening,

Cheers, Swa

28/05/11 Yesssssssssss, Yo All, Online !!! DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix June 2011 !! So many excellent tracks I can't even name them all in one breath :-) Anyway I did something new to add more tracks in the set by making edits of max 4 minutes of each track (intro and outro included) and using Traktor to do the job :-) So I hope you all like my new set ..

get it at the liveset section !! have fun listening,

Cheers, Swa

You can follow me at

23/05/11 Hi All, Just a quick update !! I forgot to put my Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix which was broadcasted by radio Veronica online !! So check out the Radio Mixes section and leech away

New Relax Mix is coming ;-)

Cheers, Swa

26/04/11 Yo Peepz, It that time again ..... Yeah. My new Relax Mix May 2011 is online !! Excellent floorfillers again in this set. Mashups, Bootlegs and much more. There are already some summertunes in it and with this weather we having in Europe it should :-)

So head down to the liveset section and get my newest Relax Mix !! Have fun listening and drop some feedback if you want,

01/04/11 Hey All, I know that it's Aprils Fools day but this is no joke !! My new Relax Mix April 2011 is online!! A little bit later then normal but there were a lot of new tracks available after the WMC in Miami and you have to listen to those :-)

24/02/11 Yo All, We're heading down to the month of March so that means a new Relax Mix :-) Check out the Live Set section an get my newest set there. Some really nice bootlegs, Mashups and other floorfillers in this set !! So check it out !!

18/01/11 Happy New Year to all you guys !! NYE parties were off the hook I hope and you all made a good start in the New Year. I've been busy travelling around but I had some time to compile a new Relax Mix ;-)

You can find DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix February 2011 in the Live Sets section !!! Check it out because a lot of bootlegs and Mashups in this set !!! Have fun listening and drop me a line if you liked it,

Cheers, Swa

24/12/10 Yo !!! First I want to wish everybody a Happy Christmas and a splendid New Years and because it's almost Christmas I have a little gift .... DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix Januari 2011 is online !!! So check out the Live sets section and get it !!!

My Yearmix is still online and for those who haven't heard it yet get it quickly :-) It will be broadcasted by several Radio Stations across the world from the Netherlands, Dutch Antilles, Germany, United Kingdom and Belgium. Also by several internet radio stations It can be heard !! I want to thank those people for playing it !!

So all, be safe and have some excellent holidays days and off course listen to my tunes :-)

cheers Swa

28/10/10 Yo party peepz !!! Sorry for not updating but my internet connection is still not fixed so it is almost impossibe for me to upload. I hope it will be fixed next week though .... Let's wait and see, it's still Thailand so it will take some time haha.

Anyway, thanks all for the massive response that you all send me regarding my Yearmix 2010 !!! Much appreciated !!

So now some mixing news ... check out the LiveSet section, for the new Relax Mix December 2010, something to enjoy during the cold days ;-) !!!

Have fun listening, cheers Swa

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24/10/10 Yes !!! It's there .... DJ Swa presents the Swaliban Yearmix 2010 !!! The best Rock, Pop, RnB, Dance, House and Trance tracks from 2010 in a 80 minute long mix.

I'm pleased with the result and I think it is even better than last year. I want to thank RvR productions who has made the covers again for my Yearmix (since 2002) thumbs up mate !!

Last year and the beginning of this year I got a lot of response about my Yearmix, thanks for that and If you like this one leave a message in my Guestbook or just go on Facebook become a fan (push like) and leave a message there.

So enjoy my Yearmix 2010 and if you wish to broadcast it ... feel free but send me a message so I can send you a special 60 minutes version.

Have fun listening, cheers Swa

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11/10/10 Yo peepz, Just uploaded my latest Relax Mix. I must say some lovely tracks this month, maybe even some undiscovered club bangaz so check out the liveset section and download DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix November 2010 !!

Off course in between I was busy mixing my Swaliban Yearmix 2010. Check out the Yearmix 2010 section as my front cover is revealed :-) Backcover coming end of this week and the mix is coming ...... soon (probably I put it online end of this month)

27/09/10 Hi All, just a quick update. My Somertijd Weekend Dance Mix was broadcasted by Radio Veronica on Friday. You can find the mix and tracklist in the Radio Mixes section.

13/09/10 Yo, I'm very busy with playing with Traktor Scratch Pro which I bought last week and I must say it's an excellent programm. My newest set will definately be done with it !!

This months set was already finished ... so check it out .... DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix October with the newest dance, house and electro track for the coming month !!!

29/08/10 Hi all, check out my Mashups page. I added two new banging hot bootlegs !!! Funkagenda's track Astana booted with Marco V track Reaper is the first floorfiller, the second one is Axwell with his I Found U track mixed together with Mauro Picotto's track Komodo. So check them out and play them loud !!!

17/08/10 Yo, It's there ... again :-) DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix September with all the future bangaz and some nice remakes !! I'm very pleased with this set, which is coming from Poland where I am at the moment. Nice tracks, good flow so check it out in the Live set Section !!!,

08/08/10 Hi, Just a quick one ... I made a bootleg of Steve Angello's song KNAS, so check it out and download it at the mashup section !!!

01/08/10 Yo peepz, Just finised updating a lot of stuff !! Since rapidshare is not providing a good service anymore I had to step over to something else. You all ready saw a lot of different links from a special server which I will be using most of the time. I´m trying to get everything on the special server, Hotfile and so all the old stuff will be available again.

As for now I´m uploading the new Relax Mix August 2010 with the newest club, dance and house from this moment. Always the first with the newest tracks !!! So check out the Liveset section.

While you are downloading check the new Megamix Archive and Radio Mixes archive. Still building but a lot of links already. Music for the 80´s and 90´s freaks and for the clubheads !!

If you want to follow all the news just become a fan on facebook or follow me on twitter !! cheers Swa

13/07/10 Hi all, as promised the new Relax Mix July 2010 is online. The newest club, house and dancetracks of the coming month in a wicked liveset !!! Check it out in the liveset section and play it loud !!! Especially today during the celebrations in Holland.

09/07/10 Yo, After two weeks UK back home. My internet connections were extremely bad so my update is a little later then expected ! As I mentioned before I finished the DJ Swa presents the Pop mix 2010. There are so many different tracks in this mix that I can't call it a Rock and Rap mix, maybe Rock, Pop, Rap and RnB Megamix ;-)

Anyway enough talk !! You can find my newest mix in the Megamix section !! Feedback this time is appreciated !!

By the way, the new Relax Mix July 2010 is coming this weekend, so you can blast it from your stereo this weekend during the World Cup Final, cheers DJ Swa

22/06/10 Hi all, I just finished my Relax Mix June Part 2 !!! It's online in the live set section so check it out !!! The newest and best clubtracks are in there and I promise you it is hot ....

Ow almost forgot to mention, check my site this coming week because there is going to be a special megamix, DJ Swa presents the POP mix 2010, I promise you all that it is an exiting mix with new music and 80's and 90's tracks !!

21/05/10 Hi Peepz, just back from the UK and I almost forgot to put my next set online. DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix June 2010 is online in the liveset section. Fresh music from the beatport top 10 charts, bootlegs and some unique tunes !!

I received so many promo's and bootlegs that the June edition wil get two sets !! So keep checking my site for updates.

I also got many request for new links of my Yearmixes. You can check the Yearmix section and they will all have new links. I even put my 2002 mix online ... which was terrible :-) but there are some collectors that want there series complete so I decided to put it online.

26/04/10 Yo all :-) Back at my crib and off course a new set !!! I had an excellent time in Asia and got a lot of inspiration. You will hear that in my newest set DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix May 2010. This time with a 'slow' start at 125 bpm with some hot tracks from the WMC Miami. Then some wild floorfillers at 128 bpm so .... check out the Live set section !!!!!!!!!!!!!

01/04/10 Hey peepz :-) a quick update during my Asia tour !! Marco V in Singapore was off the hook, it was a wild party and the crowd in the Zouk club was excellent. I'm looking forward to April 4th with Wyclef Jean and Fatboy Slim after the F1 Race in Kuala Lumpur hoping for a wicked crowd !! To get everybody in the mood check out the Liveset section, I had it already finished before I left but now it's also online for download :-), my newest liveset DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix April 2010. Some real floor bangaz in this one. So check it out !!!!!!!!!!!!!

13/03/10 I have some new stuff for the party people :-). First my newest liveset the Relax Mix March 2010 is ready for download. I must say not much relaxing this time !!! some heavy club bangers in it and I took the bpm a bit up this time, you can find it in the Live Set section.

Yesterday my Summertime Weekendmix was broadcasted on radio Veronica, I already got a lot of feedback so thanks for that. You can find it in the New Mixes section.

The last thing I want to share is my newest Mashup remix, from Tomcraft - Loneliness and Ellrich & Plaice - F*cking Society. Olav Basoski made a remix of the last one and that is a real banger !! It needed a bit of Tomcraft so check it out in the Mashup Section

Send me some feedback if you like it, here or on my other sites. Cheers, Swa

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26/02/10 YEAH !!, it's finished my newest Megamix, The Rap and Rock Mix part four 2010 !! I'm very pleased with the comments that I got from a couple of pre-listeners so I think/hope you'll like it all. You can find my my newest creation in the Megamixes section including the tracklist.

10/02/10 Hi all, new update !! First check out my newest liveset The Relax Mix February 2010 !! Some excellent tracks in it like Cirez D - Glow from Pryda records so check it out in the liveset section.

After you got it check out the mashup section for my newest remix/mashup track DJ Swa - Let Yourself Go 2010. Maybe you remember the track Let Yourself Go from DJ Jean and Peran, well I used parts of their 2009 re-edit so check it out and let me know what you think !! Feel free to broadcast or fellow DJ's use it in you sets.

23/01/10 Yo, Back from Asia after 6 weeks of sun and fun. Lots of new inspiration and had some really good gigs. I just put up the new Relax Mix January 2010 mixed by me. You can find it in the Liveset Section. A bunch of killer tracks which the crowds loved. So check it out and drop me a line if you like it.

By the way I've got something special for every 50th follower on my twitter. I'm almost at the 100 followers and he/she will get a signed copy of the Yearmix 2009 so follow me at

regards Swa

29/11/09  Hi all, a big update again. First thanks to all the listeners who dropped me a message regarding my Yearmix 2009, much appreciated. My guestbook isn't full so don't hesitate to drop me a line ;-)

I just finished uploading my newest live set, DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix November 2009, you can find it in the liveset section. Some hot new clubtracks in it so check it out.

I also made a new remix/mashup called Shaking Solitary Crash, it's a massive floorbanger :-) you can find the track in the Mashups section. It is getting some very good reviews so let me know what you think.

And last but not least !! Something new for you all. A special Video Mashup by DJ Swa and Velorex. You can find it in the New mixes section and off course on Youtube check it out here, it's hot!

14/11/09  Hi all, It's that time of the year again !!

Check out DJ Swa presents the "Swaliban" Yearmix 2009. You can find it in the Yearmix 2009 section. Excellent tracks this year and an amazing cover !! So get it while it's hot :-) Drop me a line if you liked it !!!!

Anyway If you have a radioshow and want to broadcast my Yearmix 2009 drop me a line ... and when it's finished I will send you the mix. I can also add a special intro or other programm tags that you want just let me know.

30/10/09  Hi all, my Yearmix 2009 is finished. Maybe some tweeks here and there but for 99% it's ready!!! I will post it half November when I'm back from a short trip. So you have something to look forward too :-)

I almost forgot to mention that two weeks ago my a mix of mine by broadcasted by Veronica Radio. The show is called Somertijd and so I called the mix "Somertijd Weekend Mix". You can find the mix in the New Mixes section.

15/10/09  Yo, busy mixing the Yearmix 2009 !!! the page is already up :-) So If you have a radioshow and want to broadcast my Yearmix 2009 drop me a line ... and when it's finished I will send you the mix. I can also add a special intro or other programm tags that you want just let me know.

05/10/09  Yo, a fresh update before I start with my Yearmix 2009. The new Relax Mix October 2009 is ready and can be downloaded in the Live set section. Some hot club tracks again this month!!! Have fun listening.

11/09/09  Hi All, I know that you have been waiting for this a long time :-) Every year I make a Yearmix and also in 2009 I will do that. But this is not the only 1 time a year project. I just finished the third megamix in the Rap and Rock series. I must say an excellent tracklist and I'm proud of the result.

You can find the Rap and Rock Mix part Three 2009 in the megamixes section. I wish you all lots of listening pleasure and leave some feedback in my guestbook or on my other sites.

04/09/09  Yo peepz, time flies when you're having fun. I had an extremely good time in Asia and got a lot of inspiration. I was browsing through some songs and suddenly I got a mashup idea. When I looked in my mashup section I saw that the last one I made was end of 2007 !!!! I didn't know it was that long ago ... anyway. I made a mashup between Justin Timberlike and Ciara vs Sean Kingston - Love and Sex let the fire burning. You can find it in the Mashup Section.

Some feedback on the Rap and Rockmix. It is almost finished. I've mixed around 47 minutes and I can believe you it's going to be a wild mix !!!

Also finished is the new Relax Mix September 2009. As I type this i'm making a mp3 file of it, HQ of course :-) I will put the mix and the tracklist online tomorrow morning or late this night. Send me some feedback through my guestbook.

Regards, Swa

06/07/09  Hi, thanks for all the response on my latest relax mix. There were some questions about a new Rock and Rap mix ... Yes it's on it's way :-)

I started a week or so ago and will go on mixing it during the Asia tour. It will probably be available for download end of August but it can be sooner, so check back regularly. As you all know I'm using rapidshare to share my music I think a good choice and very reliable. If not let me know. I know there are many many sites that also use it so it must be good :-) Anyway you can download as a free user or a member. If you decide to become a member for a month or a year, do it through my link. It will support me ! Click here or click the button on the right.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. I already twitter for a long time but it seems to be extremely populair and growing so ... follow me at

28/06/09  Ola, just before the busy period starts again I finished a new liveset called the Relax Mix July 2009. I was in Budapest last week browsing through some new music and I must say some killer tracks this month. So I decided to make an advanced July mix. The coming period will be busy anyway with another Asia tour for about a month or so .... so enjoy the new Liveset. You can find it as always in the Live sets section including the tracklist.

The Relax Mix July 2009 will be broadcated on sunday @ Factorystation and Tuesday @ RnBeatsFM

Have fun listening to my newest mix and it is no punishment to leave some comments in the guestbook ;-)

12/06/09  Hi all, I just put a new liveset online called the Relax Mix June 2009. You can find it in the Live sets section including the tracklist. Off course like always the newest dance and house tracks are in the mix !!! Have fun listening to my newest mix

Regards, Swa

21/05/09  Hi all, it's been a while due to travel, travel and work but I managed to make some new mixes. I have some great ideas for my new Rap and Rock mix which will probably be released after summer. I also found out that Beter Bed has put the recruiting commercial online. I very proud of it since they used my own composed music for it. A couple of months ago I also entered a mix contest in which I finished second you can find that mix in the New mixes section.

I also put online the Relax Mix May 2009, you can find it in the Live sets section including the tracklist. There are some hot tunes in that mix so check it out !!!

Last but not least you can hear my mixes now on sunday @ Factorystation and Tuesday @ RnBeatsFM

Regards, Swa

15/03/09  Hi all, just before going on a long trip again I put a new liveset online. You can find it in the liveset section and it contains the newest dance and club tracks.

I'm still busy with some ongoing projects and have some more gigs planned. The coming period you can find me in Spain and Asia (Malaysia and Thailand). Have fun listening to the newest mix.

13/02/09  Yo, Just added a new Mix in the Live Set section. The newest dance and house tunes are in this set. My last liveset was broadcasted by WayFM hopefully this one will be aired too. I'm also busy with a project at the moment and I'm collecting music for the Rock and Rap mix part III. My last project consumed a lot of time so probably this one also. I will keep everybody updated. That's all for now, hope you all like the new Live Set. greetz ,Swa.

P.S. also check the bookings/orders page for requests and more.

08/02/09  Hi all, I just updated my site a bit in between mixing. It is now possible to order mixes. Off course all of the old mixes are available in high quality audio but also brand new mixes made on request. Mixes for a good workout in the gym or a special party can be requested. I also added an extra emailaddress for bookings. You can contact me through that email and I will get back with details. Go to the bookings/orders page for requests and more.

Regards, Swa

22/01/09  Yo peepz, Thanx for the massive amount of feedback on my Yearmix 2008 I really appreciate it. You know as every year I spend most of December and January in Thailand to do some gigs If available. It was great to meet Judge Jules there. Anyway the new year has started and so are the mixes. I've put a brandnew liveset online titled The Relax Mix January 2009. Not really relaxed but excellent club music :-) You can find the mix in the Liveset section. Have fun listening and responses are welcome.

The month of April is fully booked so If you want to see me performing live I suggest you visit the Sonkhran party in Patong, Thailand, greetz Swa

22/11/08  Hi all, Thanx for all the positive feedback so far (keep it coming :-). I've put the covers online today, specially made by RvR66 Productions with the theme Gothic. Hope you all like them.

16/11/08  Hi all, I just finished the Yearmix 2008 ..... Yeah after some hard work the last days I managed to get it ready before my next trip. The tracklist is already posted and the mix will follow shortly probably today (ONLINE NOW) ... I don't have covers yet so check back regularly so you don't miss them.

My yearmix will be broadcasted by WayFM probably on the 11th of December (maybe sooner). If you are interested in broadcasting my Yearmix 2008 please contact me and you will be provided with the Radio version of my Yearmix 2008. greetz Swa

31/10/08  Yo peepz, short update. Busy with the Yearmix 2008 (Jaarmix 2008) and the progress is good !! I think it will be finished half November but it can be a bit later due to upcoming trips. I've already made the Yearmix 2008 page so check it out regularly. Of course it will be online again but I'm not sure when. Some group contacted me to realease it commercially but ... as always probably just a hoax. Well you never know...

P.S. For the peepz who contacted me about mixes and megamixes. I will try to put also the old stuff online (Yearmix 2002 also) not my best work but that was a start :D

17/09/08  Hi all, thanks for all the response on the Rap and Rock mix. Next week I will be in Norway and probably afterwards I start with browsing songs for the Yearmix 2008. But ... I have a surprise ... I just finished a live set demo called DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix September 2008. You can find the mix and tracklist in the Live Sets section. I hope you all like it and leave me some feedback, thanx and greetz


06/09/08  Yo peepz, It's going to the end of the year and I already received a lot of emails about my Yearmix 2008 !!! Yes, it's coming :-) but I'm not sure when. I recently came back from my USA tour (Miami Beach, Vegas and San Francisco) and I have a lot of trips planned already. Normally it should be finished half November but I'm not sure if that works this year. Anyway it is coming and that's the most important thing.

Since i played more live this year and made the music for a new commerical the rest went to small scale unfortunately. But.... I just finished a brand new megamix and since part one was a huge bomb all over the globe you will probably like this one too :)

The new mix is called; The Rock and Rap Mix part deux 2008 and can be found in the MegaMixes section. As always tracklist is available on the site and in the rar file. At the moment only on Rapidshare as 1 file. Give me some feedback on the mix (guestbook) and the download (if its working for free users). Gonna test that one file thing for my Yearmix 2008. Well that's all folks, greetz


05/07/08  Hey all, I took some personal time off, just to give my leg a good recovery after the operation ... well that worked out fine now it's time for some new tunes :-). I'm in the process of moving house again but before packing my equipment I finished a new liveset/demo for the month of June/July, you can find in the Livesets section. It's called The Relaxmix June/July 2008. I hope you all like it greetz, Swa

P.S. more mashups and remixes coming soon !!

Also on

25/03/08  I didn't updated that much since January but i was extremely busy with producing a new track. I just finished the track a couple of days ago and it's accepted. It is for a new commercial for a big Dutch Company. I already got some feedback from pre-listeners and they thought it was hot !!

Well, the coming weeks I will be in Asia doing my thing :D So if you need me you can send me and email. Regards Swa

24/01/08  Thanx for all the excellent feedback I got on my yearmix 2007. I got good reviews from the stations who broadcasted my mix. So thanx to all the broadcasters, listeners and downloaders :D.

I'm still busy with a lot of things at the moment but I managed to make a demo/live set for the month of January. You can find the new mix in the Liveset section. It the newest club music for January so DJ Swa presents the Relax Mix January 2008 is a fact!! So check it out, regards


21/11/07  Hi all, covers are online. Big thanx to Q66. Additional covers, are also online in the Covers section. There is an extra cover for my Yearmix and there is a cover for the Rap and Rock mix (big thnx to Sventura) !!!! So check it out peepz.

18/11/07  Hi peepz, I've put a mirror online (big thanx to the Kollektiv), so check out my Yearmix 2007 page.

17/11/07  Check out my Yearmix 2007 page. Download links provided. Mirror and Covers will follow during this weekend. Leave some feedback in the mail or in my guestbook. Greetz, Swa

12/11/07  Hey all, my yearmix 2007 is finished !!! Still waiting for covers and when I have them I put the mix online. Three stations are broadcasting my Yearmix 2007, if there are more stations interested just send me an email or write your details in the guestbook.

As promised, I put my other two Slam Jams online. You can find them in the new mixes section. greetz Swa

06/11/07  Hey all, my yearmix 2007 is finished !!! It's already been provided to 2 stations who will broadcast my mix. More airplay is welcome!! So don't hesitate to contact me. I'm still waiting on some covers. As a teaser I already put the tracklist online and it can be viewed on my special Yearmix 2007 / Jaarmix 2007 page. So check back regularly because it won't take long untill the mix will be online.

greetz Swa

12/10/07  Hey all, It's been a while but I was extremely busy again ..... I just saw that I forgot to put my two newest mixes online that I made for Slam FM, I will do that in a few and they can be found in the new mixes section.

I also started with the Yearmix 2007. I promise you all it's gonna be a cool mix and with excellent tracks!!. So check regularly for updates on my yearmix 2007 progress.

If radiostations are interested in broadcasting my Yearmix 2007 don't hesitate to contact me, greetz Swa

27/07/07  Hi, My newest mixes have both been broadcasted. My Rap and Rock is broadcasted by WayFM (the DJ's thnx to Zwaardski) and my newest mix is broadcasted at Slam FM. My newest mix is online as of now and can be found in the New Mixes section.

Have fun listening!! greetz Swa.

20/07/07  Yo, after some travelling I had some time to make a new mix. I made this one for fun and it's entirely different from the rest of the mixes I made lately. It was a challenge to put some rock tracks into the mix and I think that the result is nice. You can find the Rap and Rock mix in the Megamixes section (cover coming). Have fun listening!! greetz Swa.

20/06/07  Updating my download links. In a couple of hours the Back to the Roots mixes, Yearmixes and Megamixes will be online again. Have fun, greetz Swa.




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